Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Day 2, we chose Disney’s Animal Kingdom because I haven’t been to this park in ages … literally can’t remember when actually. So for this park I went with my own outfit and not a custom t-shirt like how we usually do . This actually was not my original planned outfit – I was going to go with a t-shirt dress, but because of how hot it was and the humidity, I switched it up last minute. I went with this outfit because it’s honestly the most comfortable and so simple. A basic black t-shirt, denim shorts, and pink converse. For the hundredth time, a l/s shirt tied around my waist … it’s so my thing if you haven’t already noticed. Since I was going to be doing a lot of walking, I went with sneakers instead of slip ons and went with these low-top pink converse to add color to the outfit and match my new pink Minnie mouse ears. Once again, this was not planned. We actually were talking the night before about what to wear and we just so happened to pick pink (lmao). This time we didn’t do the whole head-to-toe twin look but it definitely looks planned and it wasn’t, oops! Hopefully you enjoyed my outfits and my mini-vacay to Disney with my best friend, Kristi.

Promise I will have fall outfits up soon and will try to keep in mind the places that do get that nice fall weather and season changes to get cute outfits for you all!!

Toodle Love bugs,

Cristina Segarra “Your Fashion Guru”

What I’m Wearing:

Shirt (Cotton On), Shorts (F21), L/S shirt (Tillys), Sunnies (Rayban)

Shoes (Converse), Minnie Ears (Party City), Bag (H&M)

Epcot (Food and Wine)

Before I totally transition into fall fashion and trends, I had to make one quick pit-stop along the way. Walt Disney World!!!! Why not, of course, duhh … like come on it’s a must!! So when my BF, Kristi, told me: “Lets hit the road jack,” we did just that. We chose Epcot, because it’s every adults favorite park … maybe because of the alcohol 😀 and what better than more alcohol because of the International Food and Wine Festival. We took our non-alcoholic asses and had a great time drinking around the world and being the best-est of friends drinking and acting silly together which is what you’ll get if you put us together.

Fashion! Now when you think of Disney outfits, it’s always shorts and a Disney character shirt. So we had to switch it up a tad bit. We went with these Esty custom tanks by Trio3tribe. So many wonderful compliments on these shirts and best part is – we got to custom make and choose which symbols we wanted on the shirts. We went with a globe symbol for drinking around the world, a Minnie mouse symbol because it’s Disney (lol), and our preferred beverage symbol at the end. I am Mimosa and Pumps so you know I had to get a champagne flute. Our slogan was: “I am Drunk” because by the end of this – it’s probably going to be appropriate. For the bottoms, I went basic – with high wasted denim shorts because it’s burning hot in Florida. Yes peeps, you guessed it, another long sleeve tied around my waist and it’s truly become my addiction I feel like it makes an outfit. Especially one like this that is so simple and casual. Number 1 rule in any Disney theme park is comfortable shoes and white high-top converses it was (they weren’t all that comfortable after being at the park for hours)! I added Peace Love World knee-length love symbol socks which btw, are super comfy. Another must if your going to a Disney Park are Minnie or Mickey ears! It’s a requirement, non-negotiable people. Also, this outfit was not planned. Prior to Epcot, me and my best friend Kristi actually were getting dressed and once we were done, looked at each other and just laughed because this is a reoccurring thing with us, what can we say “great minds think alike”.

Stay tuned for my Animal Kingdom outfit 😉

Toodle Love Bugs,

Cristina Segarra “Your Fashion Guru”

What I’m Wearing:

Shirt (Etsy), Shorts (F21), Shoes (Converse), Minnie Ears (Party City),

Socks (Peace Love World), L/S shirt (F21), Bag (H&M)