My name is Cristina Gabriella Segarra … you can just call me Cris! I’m 22 years young and I live where you vacation, I know, super cliche, but hey, it’s Miami!

I attended Johnson and Wales University studying criminal justice to become a cop. Uh-huh honey, I said it, a cop. My family used to tease me and say, “What? A fashion Police!?” I’ve been into fashion since I was little and I hope to return back to school to attend the Art institute of Miami and begin studying Fashion Merchandising. My dream is to become a buyer for a large fashion company, and in time, design my own women’s football clothing line! Opps, did I not mention my second love after fashion is sports?

I decided to create this space after months of contemplating and debating. I said, “Hey! Whats to lose? Become a successful blogger or inspire people to dream without fear.” So pour yourselves a couple of glasses of mimosas and kick up your pumps, get ready to strut down this catwalk with me. To contact me please send an email to and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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